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BE HAPPY - Few Words About Us

Each of our projects is custom made, whether its a wedding or a personal event: history, details, nuances, or a suddenly dropped phrase — all of this allows us to develop a unique concept of events.

BE HAPPY events are distinguished by the key ingredients: a unique idea and sincere emotions.


We Create Extraordinary Events For Extraordinary Clients


We not only create holidays, we create events that your guests will talk about for a long time because we understand very well what you need! Each of our projects becomes a bright event of a lifetime. We set the bar and the level to which our colleagues further aspire. We do not need advertising — as we’re passed «from hand to hand» because reputation is the most important value for us!
But our biggest achievement is your emotions and a flurry of thanks after the event.

We know exactly what is necessary for you. There are no impossible tasks for us — it’s only a matter of the budget. We are constantly working throughout Ukraine and in Europe and we have an excellent base of amazing sites and locations for your event. Our estimates are transparent and understandable as we have direct contractor prices with no extra charges. The value of our events is much higher than their price!
And most importantly, we take full responsibility for the success of your event!

We Are Passed "From Hand to Hand"

Reputation Is The Most Important Value For Us

Our customers don’t need average holidays — they need events of a lifetime.
And this is what we’re really keen on because we understand very well what the ideal organization and emotional direction are.
We have extensive experience in the complex organization of events thanks to the professional team and a wide base of proven contractors, including media and celebrities.

The Founder of Be Happy Wedding Agency

Let's Get Acquainted

My name is Larisa Yarovaya, I am the founder of the agency BE HAPPY and, for the past 8 years, I create happiness!

My eldest daughter is 22 and, believe me, I know exactly what the bride wants, and absolutely know what her mother wants, so I always find arguments to make both happy!

And also: I am very demanding to myself and contractors, because organizing a high-level wedding is not only about stunning decor, beautiful location, and presentation — it’s also about timing, schedule, perfect coordination with contractors several days of decor and equipment installation, soundcheck, rider, script, logistics, takeaways, tents, generators, loads and connection points.
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    I can still talk a lot about what is usually left behind the scenes, but the main thing is this: my dear brides — organizing a high-level wedding is a task for professionals. Do not trust it to random people!

    P.S. I also teach, learn and have entered into the book of records of Ukraine. I’ve been a speaker at the Ukrainian Wedding Forum 2018 (Bukovel ski resort, Ukraine) and infinitely love what I do!

Awards & Certificates

The Ukrainian Book Of Records

Ukrainian Wedding Forum 2018

DWP Congress Dubai 2019

TedEx Conference 2017

Business Creative Festival 2016

Wedding Business Summit VIP

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